More than anything event participants say they want recognition for their achievements. Nothing recognises achievement better than a unique commemorative medal. These metallic celebrations of participation are life long and encapsulate memories and inspire stories and boost self esteem for a lifetime.

Scimitar Sports range of bespoke medals is comprehensive and limited only by the imagination. As with all our sports and marketing products our medals are renowned for their quality. We offer far superior medals than our competitors at each price point whilst our delivery time, flexibility and service orientated approach ensures confidence throughout the ordering process. Our standard medals are round, 50mm in diameter and 3mm thick. Are medals are finished in either antique or shiny gold, silver or bronze with either a contrast texture (a sandblasted interior and shiny raised exterior) or with enameled colour inlays.

Add cut outs and change the shape or size and thickness of your medal to create a truly unique celebration of participation. Think of the Iron Man medals, multi coloured, uniquely shaped with vastly differing ribbons every time to ensure true collector mementos for the participants to be proud of. The Scimitar design team will help you bring your thoughts to life, from either drawing / sketch, picture or an item to copy. Initially we will complete a graphical mock up for you, we will then produce a 2 dimensional mock up for you to confirm followed by a photograph of the completed medal to confirm prior to the final production run.

Optional Extras

Double sided sublimation printed ribbons, single colour or multi colour woven ribbons, woven and printed ribbons and satin ribbons with or without printing. All medals can be engraved and are individually wrapped, however they can be packaged with tags, or in advertisement envelopes as required. especially with partial enameling.

All our medals are bespoke manufactured and priced accordingly, our huge volume production ensures the lowest possible pricing point. All Scimitar medal orders come with a free satin or woven ribbons whilst as always we charge no set up costs for orders of 1000 medals or more.

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